Title Sponsors

Title Sponsors

World Skateboarding Federation 
– SKATE partners

We are excited about continuing our support of skateboarding in South Africa and bringing the best contests in the world to the African continent. The African Skateboarding championships and the South African National skateboarding championships will be held at the Ultimate X event in Cape Town February 25th

Ultimate X has been a good partner of ours delivering great local skateboarding events and in 2017 there will be no bigger skateboarding contest than this one.

The 2016 winners that were invited to KDC in 2016 before it was canceled will be invited to Ultimate X, WSGP feels strongly that these great contests needs to continue and Ultimate X provided the perfect opportunity for us to complete these contests in a very short time

We are saddened by the way that KDC shut down and the fall out but there is nothing we can do when bad people do bad things. We can only move forward with other positive event
Tim Mcferran

mongoose-logo-01Mongoose Bicycles – BMX Partners

Mongoose is once again thrilled to partner with Ultimate X for 2017.
The event has been instrumental in our development in the BMX market over the last few years and we look forward to an even bigger and better event in 2017. Sitting in the crowds, the event somehow manages to remind us what it feels like to ride our bikes for the fun of riding while watching world class athletes compete for top honors.

There are very few events that attract top riders and crowds and can make you feel part of the action the way Ultimate X does. For us, there are few better ways to gain our brand such significant exposure among st our core target consumers as Ultimate X delivers.

We at Mongoose Bikes got involved with Ultimate X as sponsors to get our brand known to kids all over SA
To get kids on Mongoose bmx bikes and show them how to still have fun,then through this build the Bmx scene in SA
Nick Barr


Fox Racing – Freestyle Partners

The Ultimate X is one of the few authentic action sports events in South Africa where a competition arena is created that allows the athletes to really push the boundaries of what is possible in their respective sports.
The organizers are professional and have an innate understanding of the sports they are showcasing. Not only are the spectators entertained, but the participants needs are truly understood too – this allows the riders to perform above and beyond their expectations.
Fox has been involved in action sports for over 40 years. BMX and FMX are an intrinsic part of our brand and supporting the sports that we love so much is an honor.
Fox’s objective is to support the sports that we represent as well as the event organizers who are creating an event to showcase the very best of action sports in South Africa.
Brode Vosloo