Official Home of UltimateX

Official Home of UltimateX

Grand Arena , Grand West has been the official HOME to Action Sport ( Ultimate X ) in Africa over the past few years & the team cant be more stoked to be able to stage this Action Sport experience in such a High end Professional Venue >> The Arena Enables the Team to produce what is Said to be One of the Most Insane Action Sport Shows Globally —   Epic to have a Partnership with Sun International as a leader in Event Hospitality Showcases !

What Marketing Manager of Sun International / GrandWest had to say :  “Nikki Botha”

The staging of extreme sporting events such as Ultimate X aligns with our promise to provide diverse and exciting entertainment to our community.
Over the years, we have brought to the city some of the most exhilarating sports events and extreme athletes from South Africa and the world. The tremendous response to these events demonstrates that there is a definite and growing appetite for extreme sports among-st our community.
Ultimate X generates great excitement and has an immense following.

We look forward to hosting the show / Contest again in 2017.