Ultimate X – Cape Town

Ultimate X – Cape Town
Posted by on Nov 16, 2011


Cape Town is playing host yet again to the country’s largest action sports and lifestyle event, the Hunters eXtreme Ultimate X 2014 festival, which will take place on Saturday 1
st of February 2014. The Gateway Canal at the V&A Waterfront will once again be transformed into an extreme sporting paradise filled with death defying stunts and tricks, performed by the best of the best action sport athletes from BMX, FMX, MTB, skate and wake boarding that SA has to offer.

The event, which is in its fifth year, expects thousands of sports-loving spectators to attend the day-long festival in the Mother City. Gates open at 10am and close at 9pm, followed by an after party which starts at 7pm on site with top local DJ’s and bands playing into the night.

Markus Museler of Old School Productions, founder and visionary of Ultimate X had the following to say, “We’ve really stepped things up this year to stage an action sports event that meets international standards. With record crowds and unbelievable performances from local and international athletes, this is without a doubt the most unforgettable Ultimate X to date.”

Watch international competitors in action like Alastair Sayer (FMX), Paul Ryan (BMX),
Jordan Elizondo-Darwin (wake) and Moses Adams (skate) plus extreme local stars such as Mike Oyston on FMX; David Rigby on BMX; skater Ant De Mendonca; wakeboarder Melissa Colborne and on the MTB trial, Andrew Guess. The country’s best riders in each discipline will compete for a piece of R120 000 in cash prizes and the title of Hunters eXtreme Ultimate X champion.

New to Ultimate X in 2014 is the introduction of the Cross Country Ultimate Eliminator. This is a new heat racing format from the UCI World Cup and will combine the top riders in the country from across various cycling disciplines as they battle it out along the explosive straights and over technical obstacles in order to be crowned the ultimate champion.

Pre-bought tickets from Computicket cost R150 each. Tickets are also available at the gate at R200 for adults and R60 for kids between the ages of six and eight years old. (Children under four get in free). Gates open at 10am and close at 9pm.

This year, Hunter’s eXtreme Ultimate X Festival gave back to the community through its Reach for a Dream initiative. The event aimed to fulfill the dreams of four extreme sport-loving children from the Reach for a Dream Foundation by giving them and their families a full VIP experience on the day. The festival looks forward to giving back and sharing the experience again next year with the children from Reach for a Dream.

*All photo credits Pierre Marqua from Old School Productions

Now in it’s 5th year, Ultimate X is regarded as South Africa’s premier action sports event.  With a 70% attendance growth in 2013, the event attracts top local and international athletes as well as 7,500 spectators from across the country. The 2014 event comprises of two main elements; The Hunter’s eXtreme Ultimate X Games and The Hunter’s eXtreme Ultimate X Concert, both taking place on the 1st of February.

“Hunter’s eXtreme is all about social stamina and making the good times last longer, which is why partnering with this event suits the brand perfectly”, comments Ben van Der Merwe, Junior Brand Manager of Hunter’s SA.  “Keeping our consumers refreshed is one thing, but supporting an event that promotes an active lifestyle whilst encouraging people to live life to the fullest is very exciting platform for the brand and we’re delighted to be able assist in bringing fans the ultimate in extreme sports entertainment.”

The partnership was procured by specialist sponsorship agency One-eyed Jack.


Event Sponsors for 2013 : HUNTER’S eXtreme Energy

Western Cape – Provincial Government
DC Shoes
Red Bull
CMH – Connolly Wake-boards
Go Pro SA

KFM – Official Media partner 2014

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A crowd favorite – FMX

Although just a show that ran 3 times throughout the day the 6 riders that took part did not hold back. Matt King, Scott Billet, Mike Oyston, Dallan Goldman, Alastair Sayer and Nick de Wit put on a show that many will never forget. Unfortunately due to bike problems on the day, Quad Freestyle rider Wayne Lester had to pull out of the show. The 3rd FMX show was the last event to happen at this year’s Ultimate X and what a sight it was.

A huge, huge, huge, crowd assembled to support and shout for the guys to throw down. Matt King, Scott Billet and Mike Oyston hit the 23m gap first to get the crowd warmed up with stylish tricks like Whips, Seatgrabs, Indian Airs and Dead bodies. The 3 more experienced riders, Dallan Goldman, Alastair Sayer and Nick de Wit then had their chance to wow the crowd with jaw dropping tricks like the Flatliner by Dallan. Hugely extended Cliff Hangers, Rock Solids, Combos, and Backflip Combos by Alastair and Nick.

A perfect and even emotional end to what is, in our books, the best local action sports event to happen in South Africa, Ever!

Write up by : Ryan VD Spuy – http://lwmag.co.za/

Athletes Invited in 2014 include :

  1. Alastair Sayer
  2. Dallan Goldman
  3. Scott Billett
  4. Mike Oyston

Wildcards :

  1. Shaun Blaauw
  2. Stewart Couper

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Posted by on Nov 23, 2009

This year saw a newly built 2 tower cable-way installed into the canal thanks to Tich Mitchell and was named “Tich Towers” which worked out perfectly and made for an even better comp at this year’s Ultimate X.

The course featured a Slider past the judges area, a Rooftop A-frame Slider and a Kicker which both the guys and girls took advantage of and put on one hell of a show busting huge tricks and slides over all three. Prelims took place in the morning, finals in the afternoon and in the heat of the day crowds flocked to the water side to catch their piece of the action.

Domnik Reichmuth showed his talent by laying down some very technical and stylish runs which included a 270 Frontboard on and a 270 off, off the Rooftop which put him into 3rd place overall.

Jason Colbourne fought it out for 1st place against Dylan Mitchell and landed a big Crow Mobe off the Kicker and pressed to impress with some tweaked Nose-Presses across the Sliders but at the end of the day it was Dylan Mitchell’s run that impressed the judges most when he landed a huge “Big Worm” Olay Crow Mobe 5 and took 1st place over Jason in 2nd.

Write up – Ryan VD Spuy    http://lwmag.co.za/

1st – Dylan Mitchell
2nd – Jason Colbourne
3rd – Domnik Reichmuth

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Athletes Invited in 2014 :

  1. Devon Nassif
  2. Jason Colborne
  3. Dylan Mitchell
  4. Gregor Reichmuth
  5. Jordan Elizondo-Darwin  ( Int > Spain)
  6. Craig Eygenberger
  7. Candice Bacon
  8. Melissa Colborne
  9. Andrew Bourne

Wildcards Winner – Jacques Laubaschgne 


Posted by on Nov 22, 2008

With an upgraded park for the riders to dial into this comp was action packed and saw riders pull tricks out the bag that they had either never tried before or hadn’t tried in a while. Huge Transfers, Backflips, Tailwhips, Backflip variations and perfect extension on big tricks were the order of the day.

Brothers, Stuart and Colin Loudon both made it to the finals and put on an awesome shown with big 360′s and Turn Down Flips but it wasn’t enough to put them on the podium. Buddy Chellan had a few killer and smooth runs but crashed pretty hard and hurt his ribs which put him out of contention.

The only international rider in the field was British rider Paul Ryan who didn’t have the biggest run in terms of hitting the bigger obstacles and throwing big tricks but instead Paul put together a hugely impressive technical run with Barspins, 180’s and 360’s being thrown everywhere possible and this put him into 3rd place. The never disappointing Malcolm Peters showed his skill and executed perfect big tricks like 360 Tailwhips, 360 Double Tailwhips, Decades, Flips and Flares but it wasn’t enough to put him on the top step of the podium and saw him take the 2nd step.

Defending champ Greg Illingworth killed the course again this year with a huge Tailwhip Transfer, a big 360 Transfer, No-Handed 360 and a perfect 720 over the box jump which he hasn’t done in almost 2 years. Greg’s variation on the course mixed with the big tricked earned him 1st place again.

1st – Greg Illingworth
2nd – Malcolm Peters
3rd – Paul Ryan

Go Pro Best Trick – Greg Illingworth

Write up by : Ryan VD Spuy   http://lwmag.co.za

2014 Invited Athletes Include

  1. Greg Illingworth
  2. Colin Loudon
  3. Stuart Loudon
  4. David Rigby
  5. Malcolm Peters
  6. Buddy Chellan
  7. Jason Hood
  8. Werner Mathee
  9. Paul Ryan                          Int (UK)
  10. Peter Bentley
  11. Tim Bentley
  12. Ray Malinga
  13. Chris Barnes
  14. Darren Oatley
  15. Paul Soderland
  16. Ben Lewis                          Int (UK)
  17. Ed Zunda                           Int (France )
  18. Maxime Charveron         Int (France )
  19. Matthias Dandois            Int (France )

Wildcard Winner    > Roscoe Siebers

Thanks to the guys @ WOHZA (GO PRO ) for sponsoring the section & supporting the Event Plus Action Sports progression in General

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Posted by on Nov 23, 2007

Probably one of the best and closely contested Skateboarding comps SA has ever seen. The closely matched final had the crowds on their feet and screaming for their favorites and for tricks to be re-attempted and landed. Chris Cab even admitted that the level of competition that went down at Ultimate X was without a doubt of international level.

Dlamini Dlamini looked in control and nailed some perfect tricks on the also upgraded Skate park and even after breaking his board he carried on skating to take 3rd place. Khule Ngubane put on an impressive run against Jean-Marc Johannes and took 2nd place overall. Louis Taulbert was just flawless on the park and defended his title as the Ultimate X 2013 champ.

1st – Louis Taulbert
2nd – Khule Ngubane
3rd – Dlamini Dlamini

Go Pro Best Trick – Dlamini Dlamini

Write up by: Ryan VD Spuy    http://lwmag.co.za/

Check out – http://www.facebook.com/HuntersEXtremeUltimateX for More Updates

2014 Invited Skaters :

  1. Simon Stipcich
  2. Justus Kotze
  3. Alan Marola
  4. Moses Adams
  5. Jean Marc Johannes
  6. Adam Woolf
  7. Ant De Mondonca
  8. David Woolf
  9. GVB
  10. Dean Marais
  11. Khulu Dlamini
  12. Brandon Valjalo
  13. Dlamini Dlamini
  14. Wesley Schroeder
  15. Braxton Haine
  16. Khule Ngubani Nia
  17. Martin Stoffberg
  18. Byron Rhoda
  19. Kanya Spani
  20. Alan Adams

Wildcards  Winners :

  1. Stefan Jacobs
  2. Jaakness
  3. MJ Johnson
  4. Shauib Philander
  5. Michell Rice



Posted by on Nov 23, 2006

Along with all the Adrenaline  Hyped Action Sport also comes the Lifestyle of the Industry ….
Top brands such as DC Shoes , Fox Racing , Sprite , Skullcandy , Go Pro , CWB , Red Bull will be on showcasing themselves at the Event Along with 20 Activation Stalls where you able to come and buy all the coolest Product and Equipment SA > Action Sport has to offer.

Some of SA’s top DJ’s & Bands ( Van coke Kartel ) will be representing at the Event to keep the vibe going all day plus hyping up the crowd and Athletes competing

Hunters eXtreme Energy (Event title Sponsor) will be there to ensure everyone is hydrated and has an Ice cold beverage in there hands. Ultimate X will have a  Full bar service available with 2 massive bar area’s on the day fully stoked and serviced by Blend Bar Services

As well as Marlboro – PMI being present with a unique Smoking Set up lounge the over 18′s to come and enjoy the Action on the day with a chill area – VIP experience

2014 sees 2 new features being added to the event with the Ultimate Eliminator ( Pump track course with 1 movement) & the Sprite Uncontrollable Tour

2014 will also see added Screens all around the event to make sure you don’t miss a moment of the days Action Plus live feeds as well as re runs of Old School Productions Super Sport Show theGoodLife playing through out the day

Ultimate X 2014 – SA’s Extreme Playground

Ultimate X 2011 from one small seed on Vimeo.