This year saw a newly built 2 tower cable-way installed into the canal thanks to Tich Mitchell and was named “Tich Towers” which worked out perfectly and made for an even better comp at this year’s Ultimate X.

The course featured a Slider past the judges area, a Rooftop A-frame Slider and a Kicker which both the guys and girls took advantage of and put on one hell of a show busting huge tricks and slides over all three. Prelims took place in the morning, finals in the afternoon and in the heat of the day crowds flocked to the water side to catch their piece of the action.

Domnik Reichmuth showed his talent by laying down some very technical and stylish runs which included a 270 Frontboard on and a 270 off, off the Rooftop which put him into 3rd place overall.

Jason Colbourne fought it out for 1st place against Dylan Mitchell and landed a big Crow Mobe off the Kicker and pressed to impress with some tweaked Nose-Presses across the Sliders but at the end of the day it was Dylan Mitchell’s run that impressed the judges most when he landed a huge “Big Worm” Olay Crow Mobe 5 and took 1st place over Jason in 2nd.

Write up – Ryan VD Spuy    http://lwmag.co.za/

1st – Dylan Mitchell
2nd – Jason Colbourne
3rd – Domnik Reichmuth

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Athletes Invited in 2014 :

  1. Devon Nassif
  2. Jason Colborne
  3. Dylan Mitchell
  4. Gregor Reichmuth
  5. Jordan Elizondo-Darwin  ( Int > Spain)
  6. Craig Eygenberger
  7. Candice Bacon
  8. Melissa Colborne
  9. Andrew Bourne

Wildcards Winner – Jacques Laubaschgne 

Ultimate X – eXtreme Games - Nov 23, 2009 | Cape Town
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