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Although just a show that ran 3 times throughout the day the 6 riders that took part did not hold back. Matt King, Scott Billet, Mike Oyston, Dallan Goldman, Alastair Sayer and Nick de Wit put on a show that many will never forget. Unfortunately due to bike problems on the day, Quad Freestyle rider Wayne Lester had to pull out of the show. The 3rd FMX show was the last event to happen at this year’s Ultimate X and what a sight it was.

A huge, huge, huge, crowd assembled to support and shout for the guys to throw down. Matt King, Scott Billet and Mike Oyston hit the 23m gap first to get the crowd warmed up with stylish tricks like Whips, Seatgrabs, Indian Airs and Dead bodies. The 3 more experienced riders, Dallan Goldman, Alastair Sayer and Nick de Wit then had their chance to wow the crowd with jaw dropping tricks like the Flatliner by Dallan. Hugely extended Cliff Hangers, Rock Solids, Combos, and Backflip Combos by Alastair and Nick.

A perfect and even emotional end to what is, in our books, the best local action sports event to happen in South Africa, Ever!

Write up by : Ryan VD Spuy –

Athletes Invited in 2014 include :

  1. Alastair Sayer
  2. Dallan Goldman
  3. Scott Billett
  4. Mike Oyston

Wildcards :

  1. Shaun Blaauw
  2. Stewart Couper

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Ultimate X – eXtreme Games - Nov 22, 2010 | Cape Town
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