With an upgraded park for the riders to dial into this comp was action packed and saw riders pull tricks out the bag that they had either never tried before or hadn’t tried in a while. Huge Transfers, Backflips, Tailwhips, Backflip variations and perfect extension on big tricks were the order of the day.

Brothers, Stuart and Colin Loudon both made it to the finals and put on an awesome shown with big 360′s and Turn Down Flips but it wasn’t enough to put them on the podium. Buddy Chellan had a few killer and smooth runs but crashed pretty hard and hurt his ribs which put him out of contention.

The only international rider in the field was British rider Paul Ryan who didn’t have the biggest run in terms of hitting the bigger obstacles and throwing big tricks but instead Paul put together a hugely impressive technical run with Barspins, 180’s and 360’s being thrown everywhere possible and this put him into 3rd place. The never disappointing Malcolm Peters showed his skill and executed perfect big tricks like 360 Tailwhips, 360 Double Tailwhips, Decades, Flips and Flares but it wasn’t enough to put him on the top step of the podium and saw him take the 2nd step.

Defending champ Greg Illingworth killed the course again this year with a huge Tailwhip Transfer, a big 360 Transfer, No-Handed 360 and a perfect 720 over the box jump which he hasn’t done in almost 2 years. Greg’s variation on the course mixed with the big tricked earned him 1st place again.

1st – Greg Illingworth
2nd – Malcolm Peters
3rd – Paul Ryan

Go Pro Best Trick – Greg Illingworth

Write up by : Ryan VD Spuy

2014 Invited Athletes Include

  1. Greg Illingworth
  2. Colin Loudon
  3. Stuart Loudon
  4. David Rigby
  5. Malcolm Peters
  6. Buddy Chellan
  7. Jason Hood
  8. Werner Mathee
  9. Paul Ryan                          Int (UK)
  10. Peter Bentley
  11. Tim Bentley
  12. Ray Malinga
  13. Chris Barnes
  14. Darren Oatley
  15. Paul Soderland
  16. Ben Lewis                          Int (UK)
  17. Ed Zunda                           Int (France )
  18. Maxime Charveron         Int (France )
  19. Matthias Dandois            Int (France )

Wildcard Winner    > Roscoe Siebers

Thanks to the guys @ WOHZA (GO PRO ) for sponsoring the section & supporting the Event Plus Action Sports progression in General

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Ultimate X – eXtreme Games - Nov 22, 2008 | Cape Town
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