African Skate Champs

African Skate Champs


Skateboarders from across the African continent will be heading for Cape Town to take part in the African Skateboarding Championships and the SA National Skateboarding Championships on Saturday, 25 February. This skateboarding showdown will feature the top skateboarding talent from South Africa and eight other African countries as part of the Ultimate X action sport fest.

The contest will be hosted at the Grand Arena, Grand West with the action kicking off with the qualifying rounds for the continental contest from 10h00 – 11h00. South Africa’s hottest skaters will be in action during qualifiers from 12h10 with the finals happening at 19h10. The Best Trick contest takes place at 20h30 and is guaranteed to have the crowds on their feet.

According to Tim McFerran, President of World Skateboarding Grand Prix (WSGP), his organisation will continue to bring the best skateboarding contests to South Africa, despite the cancellation of the hugely popular Kimberley Diamond Cup. “We have invested too much in the development of skateboarding in this country to stop now. When we initially came to South Africa, skateboarding was still in its infancy and to date we have not only seen huge growth in this country, but also on the rest of the continent,” mentions McFerran.

TWSGP have supported a further seven national championships across the continent as part of its ongoing commitment to develop skateboarding both in South Africa and the rest of Africa. “We are excited to bring the African Skateboarding Championships and the South African National Skateboarding Championships to Cape Town for 2017 as these contests will provide the same great opportunities to underprivileged youth throughout South Africa and Africa as we have over the previous four years. We are looking forward to another great WSGP contest as part of UltimateX,” mentions McFerran.

All winners from 2016 Grand Slam events, Skateboarding for Hope stops and wild card recipients are invited to compete in the SA National Championships, while skaters from countries such as Madagascar, Morocco, Sudan, Mauritius, Mozambique, Angola, DAR and Zambia will compete in the African Skate Championships.

According to Markus Museler, organizer of UltimateX, it is great to have a credible skate federation such as World Skateboarding Grand Prix as a presenting skate partner. “With the International Olympic Committee (IOC) voting unanimously to include skateboarding in the 2020 Summer Games in Tokyo, this contest has the potential to become the platform for African skateboarding leading up to Tokyo. That is obviously very exciting for the development of the sport and the establishing UltimateX as a global skateboarding and action sports contest,” states Museler.

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wsf-icon-01-01World Skateboarding Grand Prix, the global leader in skateboarding contests, is excited to announce a new entity to support skateboarding in Africa. The African Skate Project will support the African Skateboarding Championships and the South African National Skateboarding Championships at this year’s Ultimate-X in Cape Town February 25, 2017. The South African winners of regional contests in Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town who qualified for the canceled KDC Championships in Kimberley are invited to compete in Cape Town at Ultimate X – Action Sports Fest on February 25th. In addition, the 2016 African country qualifiers for KDC are also invited to compete for the prize purse.

WSGP feels very connected to the skateboarding community after investing heavily in the development of young skateboarders across Africa over the last three years. Unfortunately, the Northern Cape Provincial Government did not follow through with its commitments to support skateboarders in these contests. WSGP remains committed to the African skateboarding community and will actively work to continue these great programs for years to come from its new home in South Africa under the newly formed African Skate Project.

The African Skate Project will be active with not only the same exciting skateboarding championships that South Africa has grown accustomed to, but plans to continue the highly popular regional contests throughout South Africa and expand into other African countries in the near future. In addition, WSGP, through the African Skate Project, will continue the innovative Skateboard for Hope program that provides skateboards, clinics, and contests around South Africa and other countries on the African continent.

All qualified skateboarders interested in competing at Ultimate-X, please email us at Stay up to date with the latest skateboarding news from Africa, follow our new social platforms: AfricanSkateProject on Facebook and Instagram and Twitter @AfricanSk8.

We look forward to an exciting 2017. Go skateboarding!

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